Artist Profile: Altered States by STS

Sherry Schwartz turns coffee mugs into conversation pieces. Her handcrafted pieces feature expressive faces with exaggerated features. She’s been perfecting her style since she was in her teens, but only recently began selling her work. Alter your morning routine and pick up one of her pieces at Pop-Up Market Saturday, July 13. Sherry Schwartz

Read more about Sherry below.

-What inspires you?
My inspiration comes from many sources. Growing up in a military family in the 1970s,  we moved a lot – from Libya to Spain, to North Dakota and Texas – to name a few. And every where we went my parents “dragged” us to museums and old ruins. These experiences helped shape my appreciation for various art forms and inevitably inspired my constant need to try something new.

-How long have you been creating your art?
It’s tough to pin down; but probably back in high school. I fell in love with drawing and painting – doodling on everything from notebooks to envelopes. Since then, I’ve created artwork for friends, families, weddings, school and charitable auctions. Only in the last two years have I begun devoting enough time to display and sell to others.

ATS mugs-What’s the hardest part about creating your work?
Keeping a light touch. I’ve broken so many pieces by temporarily forgetting how delicate they are before being fired. Clay is a funny thing. It goes through different “states” before it is complete. Wet clay is wonderful to hold and mold, then you have to let it rest and dry –it then becomes leather hard– which is when I do most of the “altering”. Handling it too much can weaken it –especially near appendages or handles.

-What’s the best part about selling at Pop-Up Market?
Meeting new people and seeing familiar faces. Last month I was thrilled to see a former art instructor of mine as well as someone I knew from my high school days!

-Have you ever had any strange requests for your art?
The interesting comments. I have overheard people commenting about their bosses, (while holding the tongue mug), their best friend, (the kissy face mug) or a relative while examining one of the many different face mugs I’ve created. It’s just fun. One young lady snapped a photo of a face mug to send to a friend for a good laugh; apparently it looked like her.


Artist Profile: Barefoot in the Glass

Barefoot in the Glass guitars

Lisa Anderson is the creative force of nature behind Barefoot in the Glass. Anderson is a full-time artist who creates Lisa Andersonmosaic pieces. Her hands have transformed shards of glass into a mermaid with a colorful tail and pouty lips, and given new purpose to old guitars. Learn more about Anderson in her own words below. You can buy one of her pieces when you visit her booth at the next Pop-Up Market at Magnolia Green, Saturday, July 13.

– What inspires you?
All kinds of things inspire me and usually, I’m surprised by it. Sometimes, it’s the way the sky looks or the song a bird is singing or maybe a smell that invokes familiar and comfy memories.  Also, when I look at other artists’ work, I get inspired. People’s creativity always amazes me.

Barefoot in the Glass mermaid-How long have you been creating your art?
I’ve always been an artist at heart. I’ve been hooked on mosaics for many years, but learned the glass on glass mosaic technique three years ago. I felt it was something I just had to do.

-What’s the best thing about what you do?
The interaction with people is an amazing experience.  When you produce a piece of artwork and you look at the finished project and it is beautiful to you and you love it, it’s an acceptance of yourself and gaining the ability to love yourself. It’s God’s way of giving us His mirror to look at ourselves in….and we are all beautiful and worthy of love.

-What is your dream for your work?
My dream is to work with a community to create a cooperative mosaic project to beautify a common area the community shares.

Artist Profile: Funky Fish Pottery

Funky Fish

DeDe Hutson’s finned creations have washed ashore at every Pop-Up Market in Fort Worth. She named her company after her inspiration: Funky Fish. Five years after she began creating creatures found under the sea out of clay – she still loves what she does.

Learn more about Hutson and her work in her answers to the queDeDestions below. Net some of her creations at the next Pop-Up Market – July 13.

What’s the best thing about creating your art?

I like the feeling of working with clay, and the way it mimics texture.

What’s the best thing about selling at the Market?

The best part of Pop-Up Market is I enjoy meeting people and talking about the work and getting feedback that leads to new ideas. I also like that it is a one day show.

What other question would you like to be asked?

The one question I would like to be asked is, “How many of these fish can I buy?”

Hutson can be contacted via email funkyfishpottery{at}

Shop Pop-Up Market June 15 at Magnolia Green

First Market
Shop handmade art and goods 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. Saturday, June 15 at Magnolia Green in Fort Worth. You’ll find dozens of vendors with handmade jewelry, art, collectables and more. Find that kitsch item for your home, or that one of-a-kind gift you’ve been searching for.

Admission and parking are free. Our mid-sized shopping events are big enough to have a wide selection of items, and small enough for you to walk through with ease. Get fed by a local food truck, and bring a blanket to spread out on the lawn.

Don’t miss it!

Artist Profile

GERBER Flower SCulptures

Metal Motif
Denise Dyer’s metal flowers, butterflies, reptiles and other creatures have added whimsy to homes and gardens throughout North Texas. She makes her work by hand, and is inspired by nature to create her three dimensional pieces.Denise

In the questions below she explains more about her passion for her work. Pick up something for your yard when you meet Denise June 15 at Magnolia Green.

-What’s the best thing about what you do?
I love the fact that I make metal and art collide. I love to make the unexpected so when art lovers walk up to my booth, they instantly smile! That’s the best thing about what I do!

-What’s the best part about selling at Pop-Up Market?
I love the fact that it is a reoccurring event every month, and I love the quality of vendors that are involved.

If you re-purpose items, what’s the most unique thing you’ve ever re-purposed.
I have taken old brass container pots and turned them into sunflowers. Totally outside the box. Just need to find more old containers!

Artist Profile

S LongoriaStephanie Longoria is a mother, graphic designer, artist and the founder of Studio Longoria. She uses her design skills to create latin-inspired plushies and toys, and hopes that one day her characters will be known world-wide.

Learn more about her craft from her responses to the questions below, and then see her June 15 at the Market!

-What inspires you? I’m inspired by my children, sometimes I’ll overhear conversations between them and think, “Wow, that would be cool to draw.”

-What’s the best thing about what you do?
I love being able to bring my characters to life by making them into plushies.

-What’s the best part about selling at Pop-Up Market?S Longoria items
I love the Pop-Up Market because I get to interact with my customers. I love seeing their reactions to my artwork.

-Have you ever had any strange requests for your art?
I love custom requests. I had an actual Luchador (masked wrestler) ask for a custom plushie that looked like him.

Artist Profile

Jessica Salinas of JLeigh Designs creates clever mixed media pieces. She frequentlJLeighDesigns_boothy uses different textures and materials to create her work. Each piece is a handcrafted original. She explains more about her work in her own words.

-What inspires you?
There are so many things that inspire me, that’s why my art is pretty diverse and even eclectic. Often I am inspired by the details, rather than the object as a whole. I will stop and take pictures of random textures that I see and I have even started tweeting (@jleighdesigns) them on a regular basis, almost daily. I have directly incorporated these pictures into a couple of pieces.

-What’s the best thing about what you do?
There are two things that I love the most about what I do. One is encouraging people to open their eyes and look at things from a different point of view or, “stop and smell the roses”. The other is inspiring children to get creative and then maintain their creativity as they get older.

JLeigh Designs_Fabric Garden IIWhat’s the best part about selling at Pop-Up Market?
I love getting to meet so many interesting people. Like at the first Pop-Up Market in April, I had a wonderful conversation with a couple. I learned more about one of the flowers that I happened to depict in one of my paintings. It just added even more to my experience and to my artwork.

– What’s the most unique thing you’ve ever re-purposed.
Probably the most interesting item was a plate that went to an old meat grinder that belonged to my grandmother. Complete with real rust, not painted or chemically induced rust, it fit perfectly into a steam punk inspired piece I created called Time Travel.

Artist Profile

Bearsley and BumskiDiane C
Diane Corral lives in Texas, but is originally from Canada. Her drawings are inspired by everyday activities. A coffee stain on the kitchen counter, or freshly cut grass will have her reaching for sketch pad. She describes the feel of her booth as Paris meets Texas.

Meet Diane when you visit the Market on June 15. She explains more about her work in her responses to the questions below.

-What’s the hardest part about creating your work?
Sometimes I get creatively spent and hit that wall where I’m unable to continue.  I usually read or stand away from my studio for a few days until it beckons me back.  And it always doesDiane C Pic.

-What’s the biggest honor you have received for your work?
When I’m asked to do commissioned portraits or artwork or custom pieces, that’s when I’m truly grateful and reminded that the little things still matter.

-What’s the best part about selling at Pop-Up Market?
The fact that you are with other vendors who love their craft just as much as you do yours.

Artist Profile

Linda Kinnaird Jewelry

WAXAHACHIE MAR 2012 103 (4)Linda and Rocky Kinnaird are in the transformation business. Together they shape, hammer, crimp, and shine discarded silverware to create clever jewelry pieces. “Rocky does the hard part – flattening the silverware, cutting it up, and smoothing the edges. I get to have my fun by adding the costume jewelry, little bits of this and that,” Linda said.

Before you visit Linda and Rocky June 15 at Pop-Up Market, learn more about them and their work by reading their responses to the questions below.

Linda K (2)

-What inspires you?

Finding wonderful old costume jewelry like our grandmas wore really inspires me.  Anything rusty or chippy also usually also catches my eye and gets the old creative juices flowing.  Keys, you must have keys!

-What’s the best thing about what you do?

The best thing about what I do is that this gives my husband, Rocky, and I a chance to be a creative team and to do something together.

-What’s the best part about selling at Pop-Up Market?

We love having the opportunity to be a part of this outdoor market. The Magnolia Green location is the perfect setting for a casual day of shopping for unique handmade items, enjoying the outdoors, and food trucks of course!

-Originally, my shop was named The Beaded Heart. I just wanted to make earrings.  When I picked up a hammer and a butane torch to work with metal I figured I’d best change my shop name to Linda Kinnaird Jewelry.  We’re evolving over this summer to yet another phase of creativity. TaterBugg Designs which will allow me to put my sewing machine to work, and will allow us to continue with our mission to create repurposed silverware jewelry and other vintage finds.

Join us June 15

picturesLooking for a painting for that blank space on the wall? A vintage chair or dress? How about a necklace that will have everyone asking, “Where’d you get that?”

Pop-Up Market – the newest outdoor art market in
Fort Worth’s Near Southside features artists of various kinds. Each month you’ll find something different from the month before.

Take this opportunity to support local artists, and learn more about how they create their craft. You’ll see that Pop-Up Market features a variety of handmade goods from beautifully crafted glass center pieces, to jewelry, fiber, metal, mixed media, paint and so much more.

Admission and parking are free, so load up the car and bring the kids. Pack a blanket and chairs so you can spread out on the lawn and enjoy lunch from one of our food trucks.

Mark your calendar – 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. Saturday, June 15 at the lovely Magnolia Green!