Artist Profile: Barefoot in the Glass

Barefoot in the Glass guitars

Lisa Anderson is the creative force of nature behind Barefoot in the Glass. Anderson is a full-time artist who creates Lisa Andersonmosaic pieces. Her hands have transformed shards of glass into a mermaid with a colorful tail and pouty lips, and given new purpose to old guitars. Learn more about Anderson in her own words below. You can buy one of her pieces when you visit her booth at the next Pop-Up Market at Magnolia Green, Saturday, July 13.

– What inspires you?
All kinds of things inspire me and usually, I’m surprised by it. Sometimes, it’s the way the sky looks or the song a bird is singing or maybe a smell that invokes familiar and comfy memories.  Also, when I look at other artists’ work, I get inspired. People’s creativity always amazes me.

Barefoot in the Glass mermaid-How long have you been creating your art?
I’ve always been an artist at heart. I’ve been hooked on mosaics for many years, but learned the glass on glass mosaic technique three years ago. I felt it was something I just had to do.

-What’s the best thing about what you do?
The interaction with people is an amazing experience.  When you produce a piece of artwork and you look at the finished project and it is beautiful to you and you love it, it’s an acceptance of yourself and gaining the ability to love yourself. It’s God’s way of giving us His mirror to look at ourselves in….and we are all beautiful and worthy of love.

-What is your dream for your work?
My dream is to work with a community to create a cooperative mosaic project to beautify a common area the community shares.

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