Artist Profile: Funky Fish Pottery

Funky Fish

DeDe Hutson’s finned creations have washed ashore at every Pop-Up Market in Fort Worth. She named her company after her inspiration: Funky Fish. Five years after she began creating creatures found under the sea out of clay – she still loves what she does.

Learn more about Hutson and her work in her answers to the queDeDestions below. Net some of her creations at the next Pop-Up Market – July 13.

What’s the best thing about creating your art?

I like the feeling of working with clay, and the way it mimics texture.

What’s the best thing about selling at the Market?

The best part of Pop-Up Market is I enjoy meeting people and talking about the work and getting feedback that leads to new ideas. I also like that it is a one day show.

What other question would you like to be asked?

The one question I would like to be asked is, “How many of these fish can I buy?”

Hutson can be contacted via email funkyfishpottery{at}

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