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GERBER Flower SCulptures

Metal Motif
Denise Dyer’s metal flowers, butterflies, reptiles and other creatures have added whimsy to homes and gardens throughout North Texas. She makes her work by hand, and is inspired by nature to create her three dimensional pieces.Denise

In the questions below she explains more about her passion for her work. Pick up something for your yard when you meet Denise June 15 at Magnolia Green.

-What’s the best thing about what you do?
I love the fact that I make metal and art collide. I love to make the unexpected so when art lovers walk up to my booth, they instantly smile! That’s the best thing about what I do!

-What’s the best part about selling at Pop-Up Market?
I love the fact that it is a reoccurring event every month, and I love the quality of vendors that are involved.

If you re-purpose items, what’s the most unique thing you’ve ever re-purposed.
I have taken old brass container pots and turned them into sunflowers. Totally outside the box. Just need to find more old containers!

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