Artist Profile

Bearsley and BumskiDiane C
Diane Corral lives in Texas, but is originally from Canada. Her drawings are inspired by everyday activities. A coffee stain on the kitchen counter, or freshly cut grass will have her reaching for sketch pad. She describes the feel of her booth as Paris meets Texas.

Meet Diane when you visit the Market on June 15. She explains more about her work in her responses to the questions below.

-What’s the hardest part about creating your work?
Sometimes I get creatively spent and hit that wall where I’m unable to continue.  I usually read or stand away from my studio for a few days until it beckons me back.  And it always doesDiane C Pic.

-What’s the biggest honor you have received for your work?
When I’m asked to do commissioned portraits or artwork or custom pieces, that’s when I’m truly grateful and reminded that the little things still matter.

-What’s the best part about selling at Pop-Up Market?
The fact that you are with other vendors who love their craft just as much as you do yours.

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